China’s second continent,Howard W French

happy comrades queuingisbn: 9780307956989 is a 270 page book sans notes and is this (my blog). An economist pick too in December last year and i finally lost my library queuing zen* in August, The copy in kent is still out to the same person i know this as the queue has not moved in months.

Being that is is somehow a hard read based on that person in Kent I left the book for a day, and in one day i read eight pages in five minutes. Not a hard read.

Later on I read about Mozambique and find that i am on page 45, I am going to beat that record 210 days to read 270 pages.  It will be interesting to see how africa will regard china in some decades to come, and the tenuous legal deals to acquire assets and who and who will not be protected of Chinese citizenry / descent is a point i will make in seriousness rather than boast about page counts..

chicken‘Rendezvous’ strikes me as a complex word however in the context of european languages spoken its not that hard too know what it might mean, i can assure you that it does not involve a chicken,

Anyhow three days after getting this book i had read it in two which means i read 135 pages a day.

An interesting sideways look at china where saving face and local laws mean it might be seen as something else but please do not tell the left wingers (my blog) that ok.

5/5 bananas.

spotI think i have insulted some library user in Kent enough now.  Yep.

* i use a library to keep them open as it is great service normally.

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