The joy of linux – or remote disk destruction

Going back to this (my blog) i tooled up with rsync, found another job for a remote server to be in charge of something and then created a user and a directory to pull files from and wrote a script,with an hourly cron job on a client.

Once set a file on my server is pulled to the client and if it matches in the script then shred and dd and called. It is bloody brilliant.

All action is on the client not the server there are issues that rsync needs ssh keys exchanged so there are no password prompts and the user at the client in command of the burn needs some heavy rights for its destruction orders.

babymemeI hand coded the partitions in the script so it would need documenting in the real world as with which file per machine causes the end of the world but should things get stolen or rogue employee i could remote wipe the specific box once connected to a network by the thief once set and cron does what it is asked to.

How cool is that

by golly but...

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