Internet shopping and the elderly catch on

portasRetail bricks and motar shopping can be a bit hit and miss at the best of times but alpha lady ape here in the monkey house was complaining that a well know stock exchange listed retail company did not have the usual sizes during a trip to the west end of london (that is where the department stores are should you be a non local).

So once back in the zoo I hear mutterings and its straight onto the website run by amazon where it seems they do have those sizes where for a small postal fee its hassle free.  Up yours Mary it seems.  As i am not the most current in the news later on the firm reported poor trading results.

The next item was guttering products where an out of town diy type operation (also listed on a stock exchange) apparently* had limited stock of and was a bit of trek even from the zoo as many of warehouse type outlets did not sell them.  They where out of stock and had no intention of restocking as they where always ‘sold out’.  A running metre cost £ 13, online it was £3.50.

Guess what happened.

by golly but...

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