how to plan a crusade,christopher tyerman

crusadeisbn: 9780846144776 has a hard academic start but happens to remember not everybody thinks that ‘Anselm’ is a household name* if like us zoo guests and other monkeys are more important than crusade organisation..

A crusade to the middle east was not the easiest of things and if fighting heathens is your thing spain was an easier choice in the 10th century.

The christian dark ages had to come to an end for it needed the science to build boats and maybe started the path to enlightenment so repressing greek science came at cost to religion who felt threatened by then a more technical society who saw an opportunity.

So despite the leaders there was a movement of speakers, rational people with logic and crooks who increased the availability of relics and dubious claims that body part really came from somebody which takes you to martin luther (not the black guy) and his conclusions.

An illiterate pan europe population who did not speak latin, required translators and also art so this was a sizeable number of people who honed acting and motivational skills.

Another problem for religion was that it started taxing people to fund this adventures which begins you the idea of countries and that vatican in rome is not that special if you want to be bored to death have a read of this (my blog)

The landed gentry also became commercialised from 1100, and armies need paying and questions like international currency (my blog) become an issue for many when before no such concept existed.

Latter campaigns where seen by some as not as genuine as once when the non titled citizenry of europe came along and medical care was also forced to innovate.

This is an interesting read 5/5 bananas

*available on itunes  -joke

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