life’s greatest secret,Matthew Cobb

my dna is better than yours

my dna is better than yours naa naa

isbn: 9781781251409 was a guardian pick that sounded interesting.

It begins in 1837 with sheep with the aim to improve the the product so its all those farmers fault a group that the religious loonies ignore. Things get a bit more repressed by the irish catholics (my blog) in 1930, so that proves the Catholics cannot do science mind you i am quite sure ireland would have sent jews to hilter for disposal as well if asked nicely.

However it seems Schrödinger (the man with the cat) was on to something even if the work was published elsewhere since the catholics did not like it.  Anyhow a war intervened and the 1950’s happened where some insights in viruses kick started things.

sheepA lot of people nearly had dna and here lies the problem as should the award be named as well to man who wanted tastier sheep in 1837 too ? or the discovery to the people who found it or to Schrödinger and well as all the science that got it to that point. The feminists also stick a claim in for Rosalind Franklin who took pictures for another group of people who despised her and went and did something else.  Who is to say that if those other people had found it they too would have ignored her? so should they also add Madam Currie as well to the list after all she has a lead coffin and is still radioactive.

That’s a dumb argument.

Disease came to a rescue (my blog) and the beginning of dna where teased out by crick and watson being the most famous. watson is airbrushed from this book for his 2007+ activities.

corncropDna is a place beset by patent problems and revisions.  The books post discovery section is very general and touches on the greed of pro patent lobbyists taking stuff funded by the public and making it payable again for.

Science and industry might bitch and whine about the heathens (my blog) and gmo crops but somehow the mistrust is partially of there making.

While the science is solid, its abuse by crime agencies such as the fbi in overstating evidence and not currently being able to differentiate between twins means much trust in this area could be lost.

Overall an interesting book but an area with it own set of problems mostly to the advantage of a few over the many.

3/5 bananas



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