as not seen on tv or elsewhere

Joyce Hatto crook thief

Joyce Hatto accomplished at not playing the piano

Bananas was reading a newspaper and had a brief look at the television listings for that day, not that all channels are shown and one of those ‘pimp my show and be the star’ tv programmes ‘famous’ people was back but for wrong reason since this person had lost the ability to do what they ‘won’.

I know the name (not the one on the image) , never saw the show or the event or have any reason to tell you those facts as that would prove that the talentless and the promoters with oxygen.

Its interesting only for the fact that tv found yet another tired face to return of which i understand that game shows do the same sort of thing so despite fucking up tv has no morality.

In a way televisions ecosystem fucked more than the winner, as the thing won also had to close.  I guess that the show and its staff will also have problems getting professionals to see them as professional.

You even might have even phoned 0900 rekucs* and voted for this talented person who err is not the fat lady.

* reverse it

by golly but...

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