Seveneves,Neal Stephenson

hardhatisbn: 978008132514 is the latest brick from the author whom i have a on/off relationship (my blog) with. Its a full frontal assault of hard s/f from the go when things go bang.

This feels a difficult book and while the stuff has validity you perhaps had to be with the author at the meeting with the billionaire before this was turned in fiction.

Part one concerns itself with the year from the time things went boom and fails to keep things optimistic despite space getting a belated investment to save humanity.  Things fall apart as the useless ‘general population*’ eat themselves while a few do amazing things.

Eventually the zombie cum soap opera is stopped when the remaining women dig out there dna machines and start afresh.

If you play word bingo then this has it all.

mehPart two is set 5000 years later and goes seriously futuristic while doing a that lous and clarke type exploration of the remains of the disaster with trips to are now old home.

Both are alien and on a first read part one is much more accessible than part two.  Although the science sound great in the latter but i suppose 5000 years without religious perverts (my blog) would be impressive.

2/5 bananas on a first read, it might reveal more on a latter reread which i somehow doubt.  It is a good reason to use a library.

* either too old, not farmers, religious (perverts then), political types or children

by golly but...

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