postcapitalism,Paul Mason

wordisbn: 9780846147388 is a book that maybe sees things that maybe are not true. In the introduction he states that Wikipedia (my blog) are the enemy to encyclopedias while ignoring the foxes in the henhouse be they seo’ing, or using there influence ala schillings (my blog) over a balanced view.

That’s before i even mention them citing reed elsevier, whom are cancer on public research..

After that stall, Mason makes some sense rewinding to 2008 and Lehman brothers that was the first domino to fall and introducing me to Nikolia Kondeatriev whom it appears even economics phd’s* have never heard of either.

happy comrades queuing

happy comrades queuing

This book jumps on a hell of a lot of bandwagons linux gets a couple of pages and while he fixes Marxism he just about remembers that trade unions where not liked by communists phew it was a late catch by the author.

I glazed over a lot of this book and while he is on the money on efficiencies (my blog) and yes is game changer we soon go back to Wikipedia issues which is a sabo*** in the machine for my thinkingbut a lot of thinkers are misinformed on wikipeadia.

Despite the fact that Karl Marx could not imagine a web server** and his wiki theory parts of this book feel right despite the jumping on many zeitgeist for a few pages its not a completely wasted read.

2/5 bananas

*i am not an economist **oh dear *** french for shoe




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