reverse dnssec

dontcallmecrazyHaving seemed to have forward dnssec setup what about reverse dnssec.  I am not an isp so this is not going to be a long post as this is notmy problem.

Anyhow i created a reverse zone on the zoos dns box and once the zone was working  turned on and with just a zone signing (256) not key signed as that would be something my isp would have to handle.

So reverse secure dns is not going to happen if your isp is retarded like comcrap who we dont use, british telecom also would seem incapable to that as dns is pretty much voodoo to them.

I have spare slots for dnsec for our zoo domains but i am nt sure that would work in the real world.  Anyhow being mad i try and add the stuff to the domain below.


It does not work as this is what forward only dnssec loks like below


So dnssec is as good as a your isp or registry. Forward is easy, reverse forget it.

by golly but...

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