oh dear – AC Nielsen now also will fuck up publishing

moranThe book is something i read a lot of via a library (my blog), however e-books mean i would have to own three e-readers and shop at the only shop per device, so that is no sale on ebooks (precisely rental) here although i do have pdfs with the zoos address in. as to whether i own them or not is a matter of legal opinion.

On ereaders which i note are now untrendy is that I also cannot get adobe drm on linux – so that makes some ebooks even from a libfrary useless.  Oh Remember when adobe quit that software business then your ebooks wont work any more

Publishers complain about a lot of things amazon, e-reading, there pet cats vet bills, but when i can read about books and i am told there not available in my region – specifically this happened with wool* (my blog) so unless i buy three e-readers then i am not going to read it unless some lazy publisher thinks people might read it.

Then some crazy idiot in publishing has the balls to complain that people are not buying books, or renting them for a fee.

tosremasterThat is when Nielsen who now track book sales will really screw stuff up – after all they killed star trek on tv so why not books as well.  The Publishing industry should take note that obtaining books is hard work with there business model apparently even though i cant buy it as its not available but at least nobody has heard of captain kirk either.

That is before i mention these sidelined authors (my blog), then maybe that problem is one of there making by asking Nielson to find out what is hot and not the readers.

* not from a sheep

by golly but...

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