Trans, Juliet Jacques

isbn: 9781754781644 sounded mildly interesting to my brain of a weeks book offerings at some point and is a collection of blog postings / once newspaper articles unread by the zoo. I assume you come here for this too ?

skirts and dresses for all

skirts and dresses for all

Gender is an interesting topic either in fiction and non fiction (both my blog) and i suppose if you consider beauty (my blog) female then some females would fail to be called as such.

Basing it on fertility too is a off base assumption.  One lot of womens lib / studies types see some as fake women and so its safe to say that debate runs both ways as to what gender is when perhaps even ethnic groups might be deemed real women but who probably wont be classed as gay over others that takes you to jazz hands statements and other extreme views by a select few..

Anyhow an liberal arts* graduate (ms Jacques) who is overqualified in history and off the map unknown literature** degrees [plural] is left wondering about low paying jobs and no creative job who doubts her sexuality seeking no answers from 1990’s Manchester returns to a beacon of gay culture Brighton*** [near gatwick airport] and still finds no answers.

Eventually jobs are landed at the nhs doing non arty things where being a woman is the thing. At some point a guardian blog is offered and things move from there.  Years pass by and an non male identity is invented with a job within the same area as the topic.

It is suggested that mrs thatcher (my blog) and clause 28 repressed the young Juliet from culture and while that could be argued to enforce the non integrationists stance over multiculturalism even comrade Juliet points out that even back then not all content was censored and the number of people who identify as the ‘wrong; thing are a small percentage but still have a higher profile than other small groups.

Eventually happiness is obtained by the author who feels ok but i am left thinking that maybe not having the name Toynbee or going to the right school stopped a lot of it to begin with especially in the arts jobs area**** but that’s a view of liberal arts degrees from a science perspective.

Anyhow an interesting read if enigmatic on what this human gender stuff means at the end of the day and apparently honest.rather than propaganda 2/5 bananas

*apparently 200 people applied to review films for time out magazine, ** emily bronte might be academic but it is not dkim (my blog) *** the public library service there is brilliant **** when royals have history of art qualifications and a family art collection worth millions you might get my point.


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