Black Friday and stupid people

blackfridayBlack friday is the day when the zoo is quiet.  As apes here in the zoo we enjoy a peaceful breakfast of fruit.  Anyhow Charlie who is a human and security guard tell us that some people go mad in hunt of the bargain of the week.

We [the monkey house] get emails and things can look tempting but do we really need them.  I need some rechargeable batteries (my blog) for a phone, i see no offers or could  not be arsed to find any.  I see a landline phone which is for sale at £30, sort of what i would expect to pay every day.

Then there was the vga monitor (my blog) that i would like to replace but the existing one still works, i can wait until it dies.  So i hope people got what they wanted but i sort f doubt that they did.  Televisions obsolete quickly (my blog) and i don’t really do a lot of tv watching since we are currently short of the requisite pretty girl vets that tv producers demand with a sexual deviant star introducing it and are not  on tv.

Maybe there are amazing deals but theres nothing i need that requires that i have to join the madness and i’d rather wait and consider what i buy rather than something perceived as cheap for reasons best known by the retailer*.

After all the ‘sale’ seems to be a all year event – Cyber monday is coming if you just happened to not buy 4 batteries like i did.

* reconditioned ? returned ? poor quality manufacture ?

by golly but...

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