site html generators in html

I had to change registrars recently for something else (my blog) as something i knew was good was not being accepted as valid by the old registrar but that is not the topic for today and a html thing was offered for free. I decided to take then up after all mobile html is horrid imho.

The usual suspects are there javascript (not a problem) spaghetti css (oh well files [my blog]) and some themes and basic html with more scripting for them than the site culd handle at a basic level – as much of the css had features that at free where not there so bloat unless you purchased the enterprise version per scheduled period.

girlfriendMuch of the javascript loaded fonts from google, had bloat for management at the non free platform and the site thing itself was clunky but supported div.

Not good even the css file could not be opened in my text editor and it crashed.  Persisting i was able to print 70 pages of text most of which looked like a make work scheme for a company in Bangalore.  I whittled it down to under five pages.

I had other reasons for doing this than your average user of such a tool but it may also strike you as unmaintainable and untransferable should you move.  It’s not a problem for me but while it may make the mba’s happy it seems problematic in the long term.  I am glad i do not look after that thing/themes.  I suppose you re buy it rather than maintain it.

You might also come to a similar conclusion.  However i deleted this site building tool and went diy instead of which is a lot more advanced but thats an blog for another day..

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