steam os


portal runs on linux

Steam is a games platform (my blog) now based on linux, its looking very impressive so i am revising my opinion, expect. to see impressive things from it.

I still refuse to play microsoft games or run wine which is not a liquid in bottle and some publishers (my blog) wont be seeing any money from me.  My hate of sony is well documented.  And no the zoo does not have a wii. Although i could pun about male apes sexual genitalia but the Japing Ape blog (not here) blog is probably more your thing.

I could see the monkey house house with a steam os box, or at least a steam controller.

Its not perfect – it might say works in x, but the demo is only available in windows but that might not be steams problem but an issue with the publisher.  Some games are also very sensitive whether that is due to being ‘free’ with overloaded servers is something i can only speculate about but theres more to steam game than just a client something many in the games industry ignore.

A downside to this is the treatment of gift cards, i read that these are sold but uk retailers really dont care for and if it does not work tough* and steam are hard to contact on.  So that is a christmas gift idea scrubbed.

I can purchase games so its not a problem but interesting to see when bricks and motar retail really fails with relationships.

* i once got stiffed with a bad inkjet cartridge once through dixons plc the box did not correspond to the item it said it was, our days of buying genuine ink was terminated and visiting that retail brand name.  I am sure they wont mind not making money after all wasting money is something i do not approve of..