Belt sizing

uncle albert

uncle albert the nudist

What size ape are you is not a question asked of us monkey house residents but should be.  This is a rant about clothes and fur coats which is the thing if your ape.

I dont change clothes sizes however depending upon the measurements by a famous company i may +2 inches or -2 inches depending upon 1990 specs to 2000 specs so i wear a belt on both items.  The smaller size fits but is snug that it does not need a belt its a tribal thing being urbane apes

Alas my belt broke after twelve years of service so i asked professor for one on his exotic travels to places you may also have been.  On his return i thank him but notice that the belt also suffers from a miscommunication – yes too much was cut of it.

It works but it seems even belts suffer from bad sizing.

by golly but...

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