some films i have seen

Your going to have problems finding these easily in a cinema, i am not paid to do this so its going to be a long wait for anything recent to show up.


chronicle(imdb: tt1706593) is one of the better super hero films in a format with problems of reboots sequel-itis, re imaging and ensembles. This made it to television as somebody though it wanting in hollywood.

3/5 bananas


paddington(imdb: tt1109624) is a charming film but not my paddington (my blog). Likeable bit not paddington in the book.

4/5 bananas


tomorowlandimdb: tt1964418 is a bit long windinded but makes a point even if corporate disney perhaps is not a model corporate citizen (unlike pixar) that it thinks everybody else should be. Thoughtfull.

5/5 bananas

breakfastclubThe Breakfast club

imdb: tt0088847 is old but has a class to it thirty or so years later.

5/5 bananas


imdb: tt1343727/ is not the version with the homosexual actor who would not visit Afghanistan (my blog) but the one with Carl Urban and this was as seen on tv and i can see why nobody wants to make another one as it is violent, gives american policemen ideas and is bereft of words.

0/5 bananas due a reboot.

Iron Man 2

Another as seen on tv, and as i have read a version before seeing the films and found it wanting i find the interpretation here quite good despite that they are popcorn films.  Not sure they will age well.

2/5 bananas

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