blog rss and weird blog author attitudes

are-you-serious-wtf-meme-baby-faceI do read other blogs but i have a problem which is when i subscribe to them either the blog does one of the following.

  1. the blog stops
  2. it goes very silent
  3. the author sort of decides that we subscribers are a problem

So after reading that last point i unsubscribed one blog here in wordpress land.  Look I really dont care that you think we readers of your thing are vile scumbags but you wrote it first and frankly that’s your perception.

So i’m looking for wordpress blogs worth reading, since the ones not on wordpress dont work in wordpress reader which makes the reader a subjective experience .

I dont do this for the numbers since i am part of a tribe of monkeys and honesty i not going to call readers scumbags.  Read what you like not for numbers but the experience.


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