Feminist videogames and the rest

I have already mentioned i enjoy Thunderf00t recently who does critical thinking in his spare time and has mercilessly taken the piss out of anita sarkeesian for some odd views on feminism recently* mostly as your average dictator would think the the same way as sarkeesian.

slaughtered many times

me slaughtered many times

Gamers can be a vile lot (my blog) and with a skewed media perception¬† but i’d rather not buy an anita sarkeesian ‘approved’ game for i like to think that both sides have extremes that i want nothing to do with.

If you want to be informed then Thunderf00t comes across well for coherent arguments and i would recommend a search on youtube for the specific url. In the meantime my idea of a steam gift card or payment of an item off steam is on hold after all i would see an approval by sarkeesian as a bad thing.

I have patience and video/computer games is something i do not have to do.

*before that other small minded people