Staying off the olive cooke lists

The zoo had a dead laser toner cartridge it was really empty and you might just get a page out of it before you had to give it shake for the next page, so i ordered a non original because i hate these people (my blog) and then i wondered what to with the empty instead of throwing it in the bin cause i am that sort of person and with dead bodies being left in camdem (my blog) there must be a better way.

Have you played the overpriced ink game?

bigger than this

A quick google found that the usual suspects used before did not want it, and there was not a chance in hell that i would donate it to the animal loonies (my blog) who wanted it so i asked my ink supplier who mentioned a name from above but who did not want it, i did not educate them on the facts.

So while i was at a library (my blog) and on the way back to the zoo i found a charity shop which was idealogical ok and so i popped in and asked did they recycle such items and they said yes.


arrgh me hearties give us all ya money

So i went back later, and left the zoo again with the toner cartridge.

This is where when i arrive i get the thrid degree from a new female charity employee wishing to extract names addresses and telephone numbers for an olive cooke type assault (my blog) on the monkey houses personal data.

Being wise i left it before the questions got anywhere near mugging the elderly factor but next time its going direct to the bin.   To the local government types sorry but i tried but nobody wants them not even you recycling types.

You live and learn.