Breaking eggs

librejsJavascript is both a curse and usefull – yes its badly used by trackers (my blog)  so one day just for experience i looked at librejs which is a browser addon that hates most javascript and looks a bit like this for most sites.

It also messes up css layouts.

Imagine my surprise when even jquery is considered bad even though that’s open,but the wrong sort of open.

tinfoilhatI kind of get the tracking issue but if we loose mobile detection and it dislikes html forms with ajax (nice forms that validate and tell you it was sent rather than the result page telling you to do it again and pressing the back key – you should know the drill) then it is kind of like letting the fox into the henhouse.

Control is what the message of librejs is but when the most simple feature triggers libre js then that message is lost.

headacheLibrejs seems an ideal nobody can live up to and my javascript is not really useable outside of the features they where written for sure if you want it as gpl ok fine but i think that misses the point..

Somebody else’s headache this.



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