Gandi ssl certificates in postfix

spagettiBananas had the opportunity for a free ssl cert from gandi who is not an dead indian who writes spaghetti code that is rubbish but is a european it firm and does stuff with domains so if your a billionaire* stop weaving cotton yourself because that man of people nonsense does not wash.

Actually there one of the better firms who shut down Robert Soloway quickly because Soloway is a scumbag (my blog)

Anyhow back to the point and having done it self certified non mafia approved tlsfor postfix (my blog) and the tested results of 91% in one sites estimation due to the mafia i thought it worth a go with you know a ‘real’ mafia approved ssl cert and see what it made of it.

I do not serve http so made a host ssl certification say sally. zoo rather than .zoo.  This meant https:// www. sallly.zoo worked and no https:// .zoo capability and so if you used the certificate your mafia approved browser would complain about that as it is a mismatch.

mafia run the british red crossGod bless the mafia. Expected that but hey somebody has to keep them in spaghetti.  I fiddle about file permissions and dns settings  so things match for a 94% rating.

Was it worth it for the 3% no and i certainly not be doing others this way free or not

Overall the certificate process worked although a bit cryptic when you do it for the first time (hint look at your mailserver for where the email went to) but i am being cheap and perhaps unreasonable to the thing.

I might do a domain and .www certificate another day and report on that, but that sounds a bit boring for now..

*i could also include the charge of nepotism (my blog)