the nuns of sant ambrogio,Hubert Wolf

papist fab! and gay

papist fab! and gay

isbn: 9780198732198 sounded interesting for being a double standard  in ‘religious’ types behaviour (or dont do as i say) who have reported less than holy idealism from the church which even Galileo’s daughter (my blog) reported.

Rather the usual randy catholic priest exiled to wales (my blog) no well its nuns and sex in the year 1858, with a royal princess Katharina von Hohenlohe just to spice things up. Hey imagine the tabloid press today and the fun they would have.

The princess who with her ties to protestant prince’s was seen as a strategic asset by rome after the Martin Luther fallout (not the american) who the  rejection of gold and stuff did not feel ok if your a homosexual catholic and while material weath was deemed more of the princesses world view but with two prior nuns experience and illness meant that vows of poverty where a difficult proposition for this royal.


This is a dry book but is informative on why with catholics you get conspiracy theories.  A non expanding church drove it to conservatism and with change unlikely to happen means sant ambrogio is ripe for packaging as such.

‘Godly’ is an odd thing and sant ambrogio was once before up before the catholic churches offices for imagined acts but in the wisdom of the men the charges never where confirmed although at a latter date this was apparently evidence that sealed the fate after Katharina denounced them to her powerfull friends once more.

Death, poisoning, homosexuality, affairs with men, the ownership of jewels (in line with poverty!) where all things going in the closed nunnery and all authorised by the virgin mary who wrote them down in letters not written in latin but in bad french is an indication that people who believe are also a bit stupid.

It is an interesting look at catholics and why they seem always to be on the wrong side.  3/5 bananas.