Review of the year.

Blogging has changed here in wordpress land and some strange popular posts i wrote seem to attract the most attention. What that bodes for bloggers is something i cannot really think on as it is a bit depressing.  However its not all bad as i read none of the top fifty books of the year by sales but must have hit a mainstream book in the process.

muhammad-in-heavenJanuary saw irrational Muslims not condemn attacks in the west.and google glass (here old) stopped being a thing and went back into the lab.

Oil tumbled in price although that was thought bad it does follow a certain logic (here) that many economists have yet to clue in on.  You might be surprised how many electric cars [not telsa’s] you see.

#foxnewsfacts was funny when Birmingham and Paris where deemed terrorism hotspots by a fox news ‘expert’.  Louisiana (us state) became french again.

Disney’s theme parks suffered from a measles epidemic (old)

February none of the virgins seen in the image above came from Rotherham although Harriet Harmon (old) and the labour party legalised child slavery and prostitution there.

stupidBanking became a hot subject after lazy journalists decided to read a leak from two or three years ago.  Although the finger pointing always points back to politicians who have misunderstood and misused banks.

Media editorial got an unwanted attention too. Leonard Nimoy died which will make any current rebooted star trek film have a serous plot hole in and cause any half century things to be less impressive.

I came and conquered, and then left it

dont think so

March India is rape friendly and advertised the fact to the world. Terry Prachett died.  Tikrit in ‘Iraq’ where Saddam Hussein was once found and was once again liberated.  Make of that what you will on american foreign policy.

Easter came early rather than late, and Richard the third got a made for tv funeral.  God bless the american terrorism experts at the dhs/tsa caused the death and destruction of a european airplane due to a locked door.

I wonder how soon pilot less or remote aircraft (think this) will be suggested

April was election season and i am unaware of it – expect no change in my green views. Americas latest police hobby is shooting black americans and then releasing the filmed footage. Strange humans.

stockingsA lack of blue skirts and stockings was the latest problem to hit science fiction publishing .  Mind you when publishers completely bypass the genre seem to make ‘awards’ things a fixed game.

May Russell Brand love him or hate him was insightful which is more than can be said for the news.

Milliband s come with rent boys - On your side ?

Milliband s come with rent boys – On your side ?

Banana man brother lost the election as Scotland went nationalist becoming third largest grouping after labour initiated independence , and the liberal democrats lost the confidence of the public.

Olive Cooke a veteran of charity, tripped up the charity sector after dying and leaving an amazing amount of work for some bank to clear up.

pinkcakeIf your northern irish (not as retarded as southern irish) then gay cake rules the roost.  The question is how do know a cake is gay.  Mind you that might explain all those deviant catholic priests got to be that way. A conclusion might be that cake is dangerous.

In sport ‘what scandal is that’ fifa had its affairs looked at by somebody who was not in it for the bribes.

June The Daily Telegraph (a newspaper) blog section is still suffering from a lack of integrity when earlier in the year a scandal enveloped it, see my post on the megan stammers question down in ‘books’ below.

MohammadTurbanBombMuslims continued there journeys to Daesh areas oddly it seems women seem to think there brothers are better, perhaps its better than marrying your cousin which leads to a 31% chance of birth defects which statistic comes from the guardian and happy defective town of Bradford Yet another superhero got a cinema reboot, you cinema types seems to forgot that originally is a thing or perhaps your golffish

July I would not want to be a hotelier in an islamic country. Reddit imploded but then when you mess with the recipe your going to upset someone and switching off stuff that appeals to a small minority of which i never knew existed forgets that it does looks like censorship.

If you voted labour (red) then you voted for the blues while in ‘opposition’.  Your vote does not count. Fake diplomas and the murderous Victorino Chua from earlier on in the year are discussed.

gay oxbridge spies perfect government employees!August Four years ago i refused a google+ account (old) and have felt absolutely no reason to be a member or have a youtube account I standby that and notice that even google now acknowledge there edward snowden fuckup.  Don’t expect me to sign up to either now.

Sixteen months later and mh370 reappears and is still the winner of the hide and seek game.   Sport made the headlines when many of marathon and Olympic winners had strange blood test results.

Josh Duggar one of those crazy bible thumper’s thought pillars of the community (as seen on american tv with 19 kids to groom to rape and counting) kept amusing us apes with child abuse, extra marital affairs and no doubt other stuff when his Ashley Madison accounts (yes plural) where released.

As a model of piety is Josh Duggar who so far apparently is not gay [so far], so there is probably no cake in the diet yet (see above) .

Book awards got pissed off with sjw’s and others trying to make them inclusive to groups of special interests.

Exporting cars is fraught with problems, be it badly loaded ships, or explosive damage.

China still cannot reconcile money and economics when it continues to devalue its currency to continue the good times something the economists will eventually notice as bad one day although it will dent foreign currency values held by China.  That is a thought i have had before

September in the happy land of Paul  Bremer‘s creation and its neighbours drones (both old links) left beta testing and made room for one person in Cardiff..The merits of the case are not disputable but the future has arrived.

Ipv4 went into yet another its going to runout of allocations but for real.

securityPutin (old) love or hate him staged a ballsy intervention in Syria and used the words ‘terrorists’ which nulls any criticism of it by the usual suspects if you play the security theatre game (more old) then Vladimir just beat you at it using your logic.

Catholic propaganda went awry when the argie met a homophobic clerk in the us – so much for being modern world compatible.

loserOctober meant middle aged men went a bit crazy over star wars while wondering if the thing they have not seen is ok for there children to see, symptoms you may have noticed before hand was men in toy shops trying to buy the next jar jar toy which you even may have read about in the press.  I read that at least an hours worth of film has been already seen by these persons.

Talk Talk a ‘phone company’ got hacked for the third time in one year, i suppose third time lucky means something.

November The arabs have a bit of a image problem

December some film got people worked up.  A prescient thought not by me or the monkey house is that there’s going to be a film a year of that from now on.

Jeremy Corbyn had an interesting year if uneven who it might said ideals are not what the party faithful think of him or his new supporters that fail the faithful in not voting for them ala in Tony Blair mode mind you if you thought devolution would increase the labour vote when they introduced it means this mess was created by them so it will interesting to see if he can run england from scotland in five years or not.

Donald Trump made some interesting headlines. Be interesting to see how americans think on that.

In boring stuff phones where replaced, and gnutls proved to very well coded.  Debian got upgraded and i even did dnssec.  Ipv6 was a tale of woe – something to do next year.

Books where not as plentiful due to things like wbd and the jewish hogging weeks of book review selections, where is Palestine book week? Mind you i do read a newspaper that pimps its books rather than review them.

Eventually a book on china materialised after library delays but this (old) got an ranty tale along the lines of ‘how dare you’ I am not sure if that was a wise choice.  Sticking with victim porn this was worth the read. It was not all victim porn and xkcd’s book amused, but you can look at those at any time.

Music got a look in via Philip Glass. American book censorship got a once over with this.

In cinema I caught up with a well known superhero film (not this years) on television and i was not impressed. another superhero got sacked on the way to yet another reboot (not seen).  Steve Jobs had two films made about him which nobody saw and the oscars seemed to be full of films that got one cinema showing if they where lucky.  The token unseen british film naturally won a local award for being just that.  I am reading the book and rather wish i had not.

A film from 2015 but released a couple of years ago i did see in 2015 was this but on dvd as no cinema seemed to show it.

Television also was lean, however the zoo got a new television (my blog) which has more modern features. Thunderbirds got a reboot. I enjoyed Oz mind you many of those people both in front or behind the camera i like for other things until it got moved to the graveyard and i have no idea what happened at the end.  Humans a drama about robots first made by the swedish was good. I did not watch bbc channels this year with the end of top gear and three getting terminated.

Japanese drama was mixed with these and You Taught Me All the Precious Things was a bit wtf.  Dr Coto was great along this anime on netflix which is not my usual place.  Although immersion heaters where deemed worthy of a comment.

Ghostwriter and Detective v Detective where also enjoyed.

That’s about it for this year, and expect more nonsense from your favourite monkey house in the new year. Apes arise!

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