The birth of the pill,Jonathan Eig

220px-Annie_Kenney_and_Christabel_Pankhurstisbn: 9780230770140 was a pickup from here (not here) and does the pill.  This appears to be an american inventon and the characters are a varied bunch of people sacked from universities like mit.

Sanger who is famous for womens issues starts off this with $2000 dollar funding which no drug company would even contemplate despite the fact that diabetics died through lack of research for the consideration that it may be deemed ‘smutty’.

Catholic birth control which is basically homosexuality (my blog) means most of this is a thirty year struggle where depression and war * (my blog) mean large families where becoming undesirable if a state wanted to fight and still make things.

Animal reproduction is a place that your randy catholic priest is probably not going to see as smut and so theories are tested outside of brand name research facilities

This is not a technical book 3/5 bananas.

*the spread of std’s from 1914-18 is worth noting on policies today


vulcansshfp records are not that too hard to get working and need a little bit of tweaking to configuration files in ssh to verify but seem useable if a little under the radar but there’s a lot of that with dnssec anyhow (my blog)

I will see what ill will if brings to failtoban (my blog) before i tell if the records are worth it or best kept obscure and off dns.

It looks under the radar for the average person so far.

The hosting industry and hardware failure

A site i visit reported that one part of it does now not exist

a total loss of the entire MySQL device that also stores your account data due to a corrupted RAID array, that is caused by the failure of multiple hard disks in it.

So if you dont do backups your screwed.

It does not affect me but this ‘outsourcing’ leaves much to be desired (my blog).  Mind you i wonder what that says about using mysql.

no such thing as a free gift,the gates foundation,Linsey McGoey



isbn: 9781784780838 is a look at the other side of microsoft as i hate Microsoft (my blog) no doubt i and the author will be critical of the philanthropy on offer after all much of that was obtained illegally.

The Gates Foundation is looked upon as nice by many but the ideals behind the scheme are private and is one example where outside analysis is discouraged.

carnegieThe past also had problems with philanthropy and trade tariffs which made Andrew Carneigie very rich and his employees poor.

Further examples include Pew, and to a less extent the Ford foundation although that was much later. All names of which mean something to book readers.

This book is a little ranty but points out the problems in where the money is invested, and who helps the Gates which is back to the north/south dichotomy.(my blog)

The Focus on schooling points out that even in 18th century charles dickens (my blog) was ahead of the curve and these for profit schools are not as good as the schools the rich pay for.

These are people who set an agenda and immigration so the philanthropy industry is a small club where not all public statements are signed in blood and it can been seen as image washing although these bright lot probably see that the walmart family as social image washing with a social return on investment metric and not true members of philanthropy industry.

So i may hate both the Gates and Microsoft with there copyright and patent pro stance.   And i am cool with that.

Even the poppy appeal (my blog) gets a mention with that army reservists get no help if injured unless they go to charities points to a world view that the gates might have no problem with.

3/5 bananas misses the mark with the investment choices but then again points out this is an old problem and with law behind the times by seventy years in the us..

Not in the know

Bananas has heard of raspberry pi which is not a circled fruit* but a computer of a sort so when a print magazine was giving then away which hit the monkey houses twitter feed.

It was too late, and when later on in the week when i visited an appropriate retail institution in camdem i found none in stock.

blackfridayI read later online that distribution was limited and many people in the know bought all the copies in the branch, so i do not think the magazine or the community will be getting a surge of new readers and such.

This is not a compliant as the value of the thing is under $5 but the way a few made the release a non starter for those of us who have yet to experience such things.  So much for a welcoming maker community rather than one that wants people they abused it for there own gain.

I am sure i could track down such an item myself given time and effort which i do not currently have. Perhaps it was for the best that these people are seen for what they are than something else.


Outlander,Diana Gabaldon

skirts and dresses for all

skirts and dresses for all

isbn: 9781784751371 is something made into a tv series that the uk government had suppressed during the scottish referendum (my blog).  I have not seen it and so this is a pay tv thing from the guy who reimaged bsg.

The first book weighs in at 860 pages was first published in 1991 where it appears to be not interesting until tv found it.

Commonwealth Games - Team Scotland Kitting Out - University of StirlingSo starting with this seems a good idea with a bit of time travel and dashing men in skirts so a bit like now.

Set first in 1946 this book varies between upper class banter and the usual suspects like the b&b owner etc and after a while this tiresome exchange is replaced with tea readings and a trip to some stones and bang its not 1946 any more.

laddete to lady

laddete to lady

Phew.  more tea vicar ? anyhow things go snp and its a lot of human drama.  I lost interest soon after page 100.

um err something um 0/5 bananas.Womens literature* and not something i have any further interest in.

* mills and boon



up close and personal to the ipv4 ‘shortage’

countNot intentionally as i was really looking into doing anything but in a related area while wondering about it was €0 for ipv6, and €50 for a single ipv4 – server extra @ €700 per year.

Basic hosting (eg a website with https – no email shared box)  is €400 per year ouch.

Somehow i am still cheaper, see it pays to do it yourself.

1970’s album music

vinylI call porn film music and i listened to a soundtrack from a popular film, there are well known hits but much of the content is an odd mix and as there is x minutes on both sides to fill and there not all those hits that media types today associate with that decade today but who give the perception that all music was amazing so unless you adjusted your record player you get the not so best as well since there was no fast forward on a record like we do now.

It was a curious experience, and there all musicians rather than computers and backing tracks and pitch software mind you with not approving of live music on bbc tv programs in the 1970’s perhaps this was a natural step?.

Its quite good porn music.  It is an interesting listen, as to music now from then that is a judgement call only you make. Will the music of today be thought of so well ? – kind of doubt that.


bog standard ssl from gandi

bogstandardI decided to convert my self certified dnssec example (my blog) to mafia approved grade tls (my blog), so i created a csr,and got a certificate in six minutes at my second attempt (my blog) with this supplier for ssl.

After a bit of messing about in apache with those items and fixing pining i got an a+ rating for my tls config.

I had to do a little html clean up and redirect to https but within an hour things looked pretty good.

I am happy although i had a good config to begin with. Your experience might vary.

Expect a book review at some point.