Trends in the firewall, no North Korea again


north korean

Very unscientific this but i bet you all a used banana skin* that North Korea did not hack sony. (my blog)  Trending here at the zoo are

grep CN file1 | wc -l 38
grep US file1 | wc -l 29
grep VN file1 | wc -l 13
grep TW file1 | wc -l 14
grep IN file1 | wc -l 10

for getting noticed by either email, dmarc and other stuff like that.  There is some irony here with dmarc setup (my blog) china has to send reports of bad activity to us but as everybody else has to follow those rules too its fun.

I got this with getting the ip addresses to a file, running some geoip software and sorting it.

Very little from the arabs recently and not worth telling you of since they clearly are not interested in computers.

*collect from the zoo.

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