Portal and Portal2 on linux

2015-08-10_00002Bananas has never played portal as i hate sony and microsoft (both my blog) so no the monkey house owns neither crap products with rings of death and drm.

From a shareholder perspective microsoft apparently makes no money from gaming on xbox after all that effort due to cheap components.

So steam comes along and builds a linux platform and client so monkeys like me can do video gaming.  I picked up portal in a sale so i thought it worth a look after all why not it not like i paid full price.

bugPortal is an intelligent game and one that has not aged when i write this despite being difficult with harder momentum jobs. I had a compiler warning in portal 1, and failed in test chamber 15 when the second jump does not work.  If you run linux dont buy portal one at full price as if you fail then the challenges are not enabled.. Installing portal 2 rids you of the portal 1 warning message.

However with a purchased game stuff can get lost in the steam directory structure.

The community on steam can be useless so it seems a lot of people have steam as well as those proprietary consoles that age

4/5 bananas.

portal2Portal 2 is a lot more sluggish than portal and looks a little older and has not aged as well as portal although i got no compiler warning the controls are better with a cleaner interface.

its early days for me here. But the humour and story are playable despite me failing  portal 1.  Portal 2 is worth a play and as i got both for the cost of two coffees from a retailer that can’t make coffee in Battlestar Galatica its really better than hot milk

Gamification in steam is badges that i dont have much interest in but i am sure children and young apes will be hot on.  Do i care i have a badge um no.

Portal 2 is fiendishly hard but fortunately there are guides otherwise i would failed it and could not unlock the last chamber so that also meant the extended game features where not available.  I am no hardcore gamer but one problem i ran into was limited save game points.

Steam has some great ideas that are note worthy which neither firms mentioned have any interest in as it means no lock in.   It’s heavy on internet usage although. A wifi N router really does not work when i tried it best with a 100mb wired connection.

I expect that i might buy a steam box in the future which means despite not being an uber gamer i think there is something here of note.  Not sure you will be buying a replacement xbox or a replacement sony thing either when that packs up due to planned obsolescent.

I will pack away both portals in the cloud and maybe i revisit them, there is fair amount of software bloat with portal2 eg Norwegian subtitles which makes this cloud thing a heavy download for things many of us wont ever switch on.

Anyhow the future looks good.

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