charity waste – recycle please!

When i write this it is nearly december and the postman delivered a wad of wet paper post, one of which was from the red cross whom if it was email you would describe it as a 419/spam communication with a items that no doubt would illict a donation, along with a future phishing attack .  Such item was not requested c/o the monkey house @ london zoo.

olivecookeCharity like the one i mention has issues (my blog) and no i dont mind recycling but with Olive in the news perhaps it is best that such victim making communications are recycled without a second thought.

If you donated to them then please explain how your help funded that item to us and how did not help people in need or not like in Haiti where half a million dollars bought one small house, or lorries in sri lanka still awaiting import. I await your justification.

I am sure you have a great answer.

by golly but...

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