pgp messaging sorted out


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Yes i  have heard  of pgp but i never bothered with it.  Most of the books date from 1995 and anything modern than that is a bit rare.  Clearly its not something the dictators and professional politician class (my blog) like the idea of.

Anyhow being bored and being up for a challenge i decide to have a go,  gnutls (my blog) supported it before it disappeared from Debian Jessie (my blog).  But the documentation was not up to a lot.

secretSo one day here at the zoo i decided to try it out which requires an email client and things that those 1995 books have never heard of.

There is a lot of hanging about but pgp is pretty fast and with an email client quite user friendly.  HOWEVER if you have dkim, spf and maybe dmarc your going to be identified.

I had a few issues to sort out as i dont usually use a desktop email client but i finally figured out what some postfix messages related to, and get an working client and a pgp message out.


Arthur Scherbius

Arthur Scherbius


No that was not it but i do wonder if the processing upgrades and the identification and lack of webmail pgp things mean pgp is a good idea but one still not here yet.  I can see a few ways pgp could be screwed up but then again while the math might be good the people using it can be downright insecure (my blog).

Well i can do pgp now it seems, so an interesting saturday was had by me.  Will i ever use pgp – probably not (xkcd).  I’m sure something interesting will happen next week too, after all 1995 is a long time to wait.

I would say pgp is worth the effort but not a panacea.

by golly but...

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