propaganda via the bbc, and the license fee

Craig Murray is an interesting read if you do not read the blogs i link to on your right and if you never heard of him (my blog) then that is your ignorance.  With unique comes the exploration of the events and a later copy on in a chav* friendly formats such as film** or tv.

stoogesThe only problem is that facts get changed copyright is ignored, and then get broadcast as adjusted ‘truth’.  So is the bbc independent ? or just dong what labour or conservative advisor wanted it to do.

faggingIt is interesting to note that the get the subject filmed required government funding and some compliant actors from oxbridge life willing to lie.  There are a number of issues here.

  • state funded propaganda
  • bbc friendly – dumbed down
  • no ken loach ‘factor’

There is right and wrong on both sides on the original issue, but when it is modified to be a one sided view then broadcast as something it is that not petty state revenge by those who can not let that matter rest?

* when did you last read a book on diplomacy ? ** also a no go for ‘british’ film industry

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