Jim Henson,Brian Jones

chickenisbn: 9780753555068 is a book with a chicken on the back cover so when i thought it sounded an alright read that was a bonus being i reserved it unseen.

Henson is the muppet guy and details the how he became that.  It is a fascinating tale although if like me you are biased on the topic. Especially me with the odd picture or two of those characters gracing posts.

I suppose Henson was lucky being there at the start of television in one respect but also as somebody who saw beyond and has created something.

The bert and ernie debate* would be considered hilarious if he was alive but i suppose the catholic’s have to worry that muppets might reduce there opportunities for abuse of children.

warhorseHe also kick started the lion king (my blog) with an grant from a henson influenced organisation and probably this (my blog) somewhere as an indirect influence that puppets can be more than what we perceive them to be so somebody who looked to the future.

There is an suggestion here that maybe apple (who part funded pixar) where interested in him.

4/5 bananas. Interesting

*the catholic church think there gay

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