Secret State, Peter Hennessy

public schoolboys only

public schoolboys only

isbn: 9780141044699 is a revised edition which suffers from the old boy network syndrome that british civil servants come from where you have to be one of them (my blog) to do something like this.

Our usual etonian type is taken hook line and sinker that saudis are current terrorists in line with the security theatre industry despite that book deals with the cold war ending in about 1990 ish so trying to be up to date is a fail here as a revised thing.

Generally speaking if your not public school educated then your probably a threat to these people.

gay oxbridge spies perfect government employees!

gay oxbridge spies perfect government employees!

Oh you are going to have to take his word on this stuff with much of it off the record and reference to documents. There is also a fair amount of rehash from other media he being that one expert.

It gets amusing when nobody who went to cambridge could never be a spy although those types saw the divisive nature of McCarthyism and limited those types of security theatre professionals. The 1950’s was a weird time and i get an impression many etonians where communists and still collecting pensions from the trade unions.

The good news is that the art in the art galleries would be saved in a doomsday scenario. Which puts this stuff in perspective that art would be lucky.

The book has some insight say on the nuclear deterrent and reliance on others for it and on thinking despite it not being a British weapon, or the communications network but the submarine route is a lot more an international deterrent then planes (my blog). However if it does not work as devised or planned then most of us are screwed anyhow which takes is to machiavelli (my blog) but hey at the least the art is safe.

Earliest portrait of a guinea pigSome interesting stuff here and worth a think on, in visual media try threads (my blog) and this insight on the censorship of the war game (my blog)  is thoughtful.

3/5 duck and cover (my blog) bananas

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