Letsencrypt in debian – not yet production ready

detectiveAs i run debian testing i have a version installed via apt-get, it looks ok but since i have debian stable (my blog) for servers it means I dont use it as its not supported unless i install it by hand.

The documentation is enlightening and supports web servers well and i think looks usable with webroot at the zoo rather than just the one address per server that the hosting industry thinks best, i am not sure about postfix use but seems achievable with  full certificate. but that is a bit like voodoo (my blog) to many.

I suppose i might install it on the production server non packaged and give it a once over but a lack of package is going to put some people off.  I suppose the next version of debian will have it along with lame* audio support for captcha (my blog).

So dont expect to see a lot of lets encrypt hosts on debian soon unless there testing or it was installed manually which can be done in theory.  I have tls sorted out for months ahead anyway.

*not rubbish but a new encoder

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