Something about kwh (not boring and a bit kafka like)

Bad time to be an ice cube supplier

Bad time to be an ice cube supplier

Thats Kilowatt hours (kwh) if your not into really exciting tla’s.

Anyhow the tale begins when our alpha in the monkey house cant make a lot of sense of the power bill since the thing is changing so i get screamed at to do something about it and it was news to me..

Our alpha is not that dumb and knows he is in credit for not using the estimated energy the energy company said we would last year and the power firm now want to renew a contract where we all use still more energy than we now use but don’t for some reason (my blog) – they look like they are estimating a new ice age where Weichsel glaciation means they think london zoo will be under hundreds of metres of ice.

Anyhow i create a spreadsheet and equipped with bill and an average figure then find some alternatives for the alpha as head of the house to do something about.

Despite the fact that the existing power company know the monkey house is in credit the automatic direct debit wont change despite the cost of energy going up the alpha tells me.  Surreal ? So even i think this ‘logic’ is like comparing bananas to atom bombs*. Mind you it appears my efficiencies post (my blog) has yet to find energy firms.

clownbootThere’s something really bonkers going on in the uk energy market deregulated or not, but i suppose with the ice cube industry going out of business to be replaced by a pick axe makers that’s ok but really bad news if you make ice cube trays but free ice cubes woot!.

Equipped with this knowledge i think i might arrange trip to africa to meet the ancestors which i will need a bullet proof vest (my blog) or or buy a warmer coat after all they are in the know.

*banana bombs are comedic and something clowns hate

by golly but...

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