The last ape not to see that disney star wars film



True to my banana i have yet to see the lens flared (my blog) new star wars film (my blog). So that’s at least two of us who have not seen it

Why well lens flare is just a bright light ‘effect’ that anyone can perform with a torch and wearing sunglasses to that persons films seems silly.

So if you did see it did you enjoy the latest Jar Jar character? But remember its not a high priority here.  I have no intention of seeing it.

I also note that those £110 plus tax toys i wrote of from above are still for sale.  Oh and what’s his face ([as seen on tv] my blog) will be probably be selling them for under that in the future.

If your not a crazy fan then good for you, however if your sanity* is in doubt then write me a comment.  After all you have more toys** to buy and i bet you are really excited about that.

*i prefer the homophobic and racist star wars fans to comment. **playing with dollies,, what do the mental health profession (my blog) think of you they probably have a nice straight jacket made for you.

Over to you.

by golly but...

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