1970’s album music

vinylI call porn film music and i listened to a soundtrack from a popular film, there are well known hits but much of the content is an odd mix and as there is x minutes on both sides to fill and there not all those hits that media types today associate with that decade today but who give the perception that all music was amazing so unless you adjusted your record player you get the not so best as well since there was no fast forward on a record like we do now.

It was a curious experience, and there all musicians rather than computers and backing tracks and pitch software mind you with musiciansunion.org.uk not approving of live music on bbc tv programs in the 1970’s perhaps this was a natural step?.

Its quite good porn music.  It is an interesting listen, as to music now from then that is a judgement call only you make. Will the music of today be thought of so well ? – kind of doubt that.


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