Outlander,Diana Gabaldon

skirts and dresses for all

skirts and dresses for all

isbn: 9781784751371 is something made into a tv series that the uk government had suppressed during the scottish referendum (my blog).  I have not seen it and so this is a pay tv thing from the guy who reimaged bsg.

The first book weighs in at 860 pages was first published in 1991 where it appears to be not interesting until tv found it.

Commonwealth Games - Team Scotland Kitting Out - University of StirlingSo starting with this seems a good idea with a bit of time travel and dashing men in skirts so a bit like now.

Set first in 1946 this book varies between upper class banter and the usual suspects like the b&b owner etc and after a while this tiresome exchange is replaced with tea readings and a trip to some stones and bang its not 1946 any more.

laddete to lady

laddete to lady

Phew.  more tea vicar ? anyhow things go snp and its a lot of human drama.  I lost interest soon after page 100.

um err something um 0/5 bananas.Womens literature* and not something i have any further interest in.

* mills and boon



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