Not in the know

Bananas has heard of raspberry pi which is not a circled fruit* but a computer of a sort so when a print magazine was giving then away which hit the monkey houses twitter feed.

It was too late, and when later on in the week when i visited an appropriate retail institution in camdem i found none in stock.

blackfridayI read later online that distribution was limited and many people in the know bought all the copies in the branch, so i do not think the magazine or the community will be getting a surge of new readers and such.

This is not a compliant as the value of the thing is under $5 but the way a few made the release a non starter for those of us who have yet to experience such things.  So much for a welcoming maker community rather than one that wants people they abused it for there own gain.

I am sure i could track down such an item myself given time and effort which i do not currently have. Perhaps it was for the best that these people are seen for what they are than something else.


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