no such thing as a free gift,the gates foundation,Linsey McGoey



isbn: 9781784780838 is a look at the other side of microsoft as i hate Microsoft (my blog) no doubt i and the author will be critical of the philanthropy on offer after all much of that was obtained illegally.

The Gates Foundation is looked upon as nice by many but the ideals behind the scheme are private and is one example where outside analysis is discouraged.

carnegieThe past also had problems with philanthropy and trade tariffs which made Andrew Carneigie very rich and his employees poor.

Further examples include Pew, and to a less extent the Ford foundation although that was much later. All names of which mean something to book readers.

This book is a little ranty but points out the problems in where the money is invested, and who helps the Gates which is back to the north/south dichotomy.(my blog)

The Focus on schooling points out that even in 18th century charles dickens (my blog) was ahead of the curve and these for profit schools are not as good as the schools the rich pay for.

These are people who set an agenda and immigration so the philanthropy industry is a small club where not all public statements are signed in blood and it can been seen as image washing although these bright lot probably see that the walmart family as social image washing with a social return on investment metric and not true members of philanthropy industry.

So i may hate both the Gates and Microsoft with there copyright and patent pro stance.   And i am cool with that.

Even the poppy appeal (my blog) gets a mention with that army reservists get no help if injured unless they go to charities points to a world view that the gates might have no problem with.

3/5 bananas misses the mark with the investment choices but then again points out this is an old problem and with law behind the times by seventy years in the us..

by golly but...

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