The birth of the pill,Jonathan Eig

220px-Annie_Kenney_and_Christabel_Pankhurstisbn: 9780230770140 was a pickup from here (not here) and does the pill.  This appears to be an american inventon and the characters are a varied bunch of people sacked from universities like mit.

Sanger who is famous for womens issues starts off this with $2000 dollar funding which no drug company would even contemplate despite the fact that diabetics died through lack of research for the consideration that it may be deemed ‘smutty’.

Catholic birth control which is basically homosexuality (my blog) means most of this is a thirty year struggle where depression and war * (my blog) mean large families where becoming undesirable if a state wanted to fight and still make things.

Animal reproduction is a place that your randy catholic priest is probably not going to see as smut and so theories are tested outside of brand name research facilities

This is not a technical book 3/5 bananas.

*the spread of std’s from 1914-18 is worth noting on policies today

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