Oh my! social media pkzip software

Bananas was tasked with backup-ing a vista pc here on the zoo – yes ancient windows the software available on the pc was wanting i had putty* but no means of zipping directories.

So i get a copy of winzip from Nico Mak of which the zoo has a shareware license for somewhere and its social media enabled – bloody hell you can tweet or something i made a zip file.  Do i get a gold star ?

idiocracy fox news in the year 2505

idiocracy fox news in the year 2505

A first attempt it asked for an email address – yes really and i aborted that zip, there are charts too. Are windows 10 users significantly more retarded than ten plus years ago a bit like this (my blog).  Other windows ‘software’ wanted me sign in to things to continue – fuck that.

Anyhow i make my backup of this user and mput the file via ssh to a safe place. Bloody hell social media enabled zip files has humanity gone bonkers ?

Anyhow its good to know that microsoft have totally lost it. Yes i could set up a samba share but since windows is insecure thats a security risk to other things so no way is samba going our linux system.

You do not get that kind of nonsense with linux.

*ask your computer expert what it is and no it nothing to do with window frames

by golly but...

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