Harvey Dent and american politics

harveydentNews reaches us in the monkey House that the wife of an ex president (my blog) won six coin tosses in a row I think the coins where broken in the attempt to become president or Harvey lent his coin.

In other news the billionaire (so much richer than ex president) non politician apparently lost although coming second is by means a shabby result.

The good news in this is the the political class rule the roost and the other lot chose a ‘winner’ that is hardy inclusive but at least has a profession of being a tax payer paid politician.  Some of those like this (my blog) did not do well so maybe the ‘n’ word* maybe does not automatically mean a free pass.

You may not like those statements and they are not endorsements of any kind but when a coin toss decides stuff and when money alone is deemed a reason to fail but it is ok to donate to professional politicians when ‘bribery’ could be a concern then maybe both unpalatable ‘winning’ candidates have a fixed game.

*not the word you think

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