Government passwords a tale to amuse

Bananas was wondering about in the zoo when i saw professsor scream at his computer so when he saw me and then screamed help so i wondered over to see what perplexed our expert human.

countdownProfessor was doing something with a government bank of which include the royal bank of scotland (my blog) and others and an online thing that needed a password, he was investing rather the withdrawing but the password had to be ‘complex’. A number of combinations had been tried and a countdown timer sort of from film or television type thing was adding to the drama that needed a bomb disposal actor character as well near by just for the tension with no doubt with a dry martini  standing by and a bikini clad lady not more than few steps away.

Is zero (0) a number ? according to the thing it was not so you could not have a zero, and special characters where also needed.  I even tried rude words and they too where rejected.

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Professor in the end gave up and so did i, defeated by the governmental type  password policy even i thought bonkers.

cat_bondAt least the bank security employee was happy, as for the rest of the bank well its not an ideal situation but rules is rules, Perhaps you have to be a trained bomb disposal expert or be a hollywood actor and dressed as such to set a password and 007 is way too short.

Mysteries are the best. Or perhaps the evil villians cat set the password policy,

by golly but...

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