Only in the rupert murdoch mindset

Rupert MurdochBananas hates all sport and recently discovered that the bbc which are not influenced by intercepting phones had the rights to male americans in tights playing a game.

Americans like it but in the zoo security office (my blog) it is looked on as effeminate its final is tonight and oddly is not called a universe cup or name like that. Anyhow imagine the surprise when instead of just one free channel doing it a uk based murdoch channel (my blog) on free tv as well also had this sport.


american sport

Both where ignored by the crack team of zoo security staff.

The message here about competition is mired in some weird murdoch-ain logic that seems to lost on me.

It seems that so long as the billionaire has it and very few people see it but that’s ok (remember rugby ?) but as soon as the sport desires [sold the rights] then a wider audience its also free.

I suppose if phone hacking is ok, then that logic must also fly in the murdoch family for being good.  May the team with the better tights win.

by golly but...

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