neurotribes,steve silberman

dontcallmecrazyisbn:97817601113636 is a sideways look at different thinking, it has an sycophantic introduction which it did not need but come with territory with mental books.

First chapter deals with how it was handled in the past, being rich helped, otherwise accidents happened and perhaps still do in Africa. Then in chapter two a living human called Leo is introduced and the usual suspects get mentioned (my blog) plus crank medicine (my blog) and an them versus us situation.

Then its back to the past and eugenics and stuff is done after all why the hell not.  A number of people try to medicalise (my blog) the condition and there is chapter on science fiction and saint steve jobs of apple fame for the zeitgeist* for some strange reason.

What the causes are means another exploration of cranks and charlatans which brings us to the the present day and back to Leo and the brave new world of invented problems in need of a magic pill although such numbers of genuine people are low and give rise to mass numbers diagnosed with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and related issues

2/5 bananas.

*i wonder what people a century later from now will think about useless mentions

by golly but...

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