mills and boon readers include sex offenders, another tale from the library

Since yesterday was a day for the general romantic or people forced to be via a social event, what of the people who read romance stories all year round.

As many of you may know i use a library service (my blog) which is also used by the local prison system via some organisation structure. You may also know that i dont think a great deal about the library service not because the prisons use it but there penchant for buying mills and boon ‘romance’ books.

millsandboonIf your a male pakistani teenager who this year has just amputated a hand* (bbc) because you thought it was a good idea then a mills and boon book deal with romantic and love where apparently homeless ladies meet dashing male doctors,airline pilots and rich arabs among other folk.  Not many one handed teenagers get picked in this list for reasons best known to devout readers of there’s who i have not had the pleasure of reading and you guess as much from the cover of which there should be one to your right -handed or not.

So since the library buy a lot of these ‘books**’ i see that one is headed to the sex offenders prison within the large library area which also serves me when i clicked on its front page of the library web site one day as to where it was going after all somebody reads this sort of thing and the demographics of romance readers is clearly wider than most of us think.

Oh my! Anyhow i have discovered the secret life of mills and boon books which is a new demographic which i am sure many of its female fans would be disgusted about being that somebody will be.

I have not read them – even i have standards but regardless of what ever you think there appears to be a wider market for digestible easy reading than you may think.

I hope you all had a nice valentines day yesterday.

*one handed enjoyment  is still possible ** George Orwell described as pornosex

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