Goodbye to bbc three

being human

being human

The Mighty Boosh, Being Human (my blog), Torchwood (my blog) might not be things you think good but Being Human was remade for america and i knew that naked bloke doing farm work in cornwall before you did being that you only watch costume dramas.

Torchwood had its us and downs but it was not a soap opera.

The mighty boosh was brilliant perhaps a bit hard for stupid people to understand.  There are others (my blog) i can mention.

Private Chris Gray

Private Chris Gray

In factual our war (my blog) and this (my blog) where noteworthy and honest which is not something you can say of bbc news in Afghanistan at the time..

Not everything on bbc three was good but at least it took risks rather than the usual safe output of soap operas and classical drama that the bbc gets away with and you lot think best despite it adding up to six hours of tv for that thing not defined as average and worthy of an license fee despite there being 8760 hours in a year.

Maybe online will be better for bbc three or whatever it becomes since mainstream bbc is rather chav.

I think while you think its rubbish you will be wrong and that will affect mainstream bbc programming being that new talent will be ignored for that soap actor between seasons of some crap soap opera.

Anyhow that’s not really my problem – but yours.

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  1. Interesting that you consider the BBC chavvy. As everything in this Universe is relative, does your assertion suggest most, if not all other TV providers, are at the level of the amoeba? Anyway, I keep trying to tell you B, it’s not just about what the programs bring to you, it’s about what you can bring to them :)

    You’ll no doubt be ecstatic to know, I’m making a return to American Idol, after missing a few years. Rest is an important part of physical training as we all know, and so resting the intellect is necessary too for the soul, which is why “reality tv” and Coronation Street were invented (I suspect the latter is more profoundly relaxing than the deepest Buddhist meditation).

    Anyway, as you already know, much of what I write is absolute bollocks, but I do like to drop by occasionally and make an effort comment-wise because I’m a very sentimental man at heart.

    You sound as well as ever so I wont ask how it’s hanging.

    • Your alive!

      To your point – the bbc making crapenders, and other popular stuff is easy and a no brainer for the mainstream However if your schedule is full of such stuff the talent pool is reduced and means you end up hiring the same old faces – much of british tv is not sherlock (one hour ish this year).and does not have an export value.

      Taking a ‘risk’ out of that comfort zone now thats ballsy

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