being deaf with html5 audio

failCaptcha is something the zoo runs locally so no google whatsit and i see that that it does not support html5 audio and the kitchen sink now rather than simply flash because flash does that stuff.

I am doing that kind of thing so experiment and get nowhere in two web browsers.So after a couple of days crazy html and audio parametres and objects i give up not knowing if my browsers are buggy, i have the wrong backend in the browser or the php is banned from encoding the sound by the server software.

Word two is a

Word two is a

Its a bonus feature but the monkey house is flash free and still html5 audio free for captcha.

Its for the best i dont want to be known as needing flash in something because of it since something like ie from microsoft cant do.

The captcha works but you have no sound, thats good enough for me for now.

by golly but...

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