Politics, money and knowing where the toilet is (aka the n word)

Trump may have a rodent on his head, but he might fix campaign finance

Trump may have a rodent on his head, but he might fix us campaign finance

It is amusing to see the anguish of american politicians (my blog) when the money game they won’t do anything about is called when an even richer non politician joins the race for ‘there’ job.

While being rich precludes the poor from getting those jobs with the rules set by these politicians it will be interesting to see if campaign finance (or outspending your only other opponent) is finally looked at by the political types.

It makes a change from nepotism (my blog) which can be said is a problem for america for both parties. As to Canada electing the offspring of an ex leader because they know where the toilet is seems another negative that for those of us not politicians that its a job for them not us not that you would vote ape anyhow.  Other examples can be stated and Africa should provide many easy examples.

This is not a post about a person, hairy rodents or electability but when the rules of politics get skewed in ways politicians don’t like to compete with then maybe it might get fixed.

Think about it.

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