The ethics of royal bananas (really)

Prince Charles and Diana

Prince Charles ringer

Bananas was shopping for bananas in Waitrose* who sell the said item and you have to careful as bananas come in various schemes like monkey free, american sponsored death squad friendly, (my blog) ‘fairtrade’, etc

Waitrose have duchy bananas which is prince charles (my blog) which just proves some royals are bonkers.  I just eat them and refuse to consume royal bananas, also I do not have my own brand of bananas or a plastic bag with printing on.

Would you buy a banana from me ? tell me below

spot the difference

spot the difference

I wonder how polluting plastic bags got past the prince of talking to plants, marrying his well known catholic whore (an affair in the past makes them old family whores), pro quack/crank medicine (my blog),  along with not being chinese friendly during the latest state visit.  These royal bananas where double the price of normal bananas.

I did not buy bride of chucky bananas for reasons of sanity and for not promoting those weird things one expects from ‘young’ royalty.  After all how ethical is a royal banana.

*a supermarket with ethics and nearby the zoo for a visit when i was out.

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