lost in translation

Eric Blair

Eric Blair

I admire George Orwell (my blog) and his writing which does not just mean two novels, one of which has pigs in.

The other needs no help and has been converted into various posh and chav formats, and even a ballet. Somehow this is oddly newspeak friendly which even made it to tv looked a little like something North Korea might do.

Another problem was the people looked fat, and not shabby which entails the end of war if your a visual type person when i write this Syria looks the part and not the gleaming clean set.

Not to worry – You lot will probably ignore this and the next time some politician wants a back door to your phone and data records you will think that is ok.

Even big brother dances to the tune of morons.  If you missed it was on bbc four last night assuming the bbc have rights to show it.

I wont rate this adaption for reasons of thoughtcrime.